Author: Christina Petro
Illustrator: Christina Petro
Publisher: LuLu
Genre: Children’s / Animals / Vegetarian
Pages: 32
Price: Paperback ($14.99)
Available at:

Book Review:
Pickle the Picky Pug A True Story begins in sunshiny Florida with Ophi “O” and her daughter, Abra “Miss Abracadabra”, who often take in stray animals and provide them with a loving home. Ophi has always dreamed of having a pug. One day she finds Pickle, a one-eyed pug, with a spunky personality. Pickle joins the growing family and even becomes a vegetarian, too. The family decides to take a trip around the United States in their car with Pickle, who enjoys every minute of it, with her nose out the window. Before heading back to Florida, they visit Aunt Joni.  It is common knowledge Pickle is a picky eater, that is, until Aunt Joni introduces her to a meatball. Pickle’s tastebuds suddenly come to life and she no longer desires a meatless life. But Ophi has an idea on how to win Pickle’s vegetarian appetite back. But I wonder if her idea worked and if Pickle got her vegetarian appetite back?

Pickle the Picky Pug A True Story was written and illustrated by Christina Petro based on the life of her sweet pug, Pickle. Ms. Petro is an amazing talent. The illustrations in the book are truly phenomenal. Her use of soft watercolors, combined with dramatically accented colored pencils makes turning each page a joy. She really captures Pickle’s personality and appearance, especially on page sixteen. Ms. Petro’s attention to detail is certain to have the reader spending several additional minutes admiring the illustrations long after  having finished reading the printed, rhyming words.

If you are a dog lover, especially of the pug breed, Pickle the Picky Pug A True Story is a must-have for your personal library. This book makes an excellent gift for children, as well as adults.

I am sorry to say that Pickle joined her ancestors earlier this year. Pickle has left many endearing, fond, humorous, memories for Christina and Abra to share. Who knows, maybe Ms. Petro will pen another Pickle “tail” in the future.

“There is no love, like pug love.”
Author Bio:
Pickle the Picky Pug A True Story is Christina Petro’s first book which she wrote and illustrated. Christina has adopted numerous homeless animals and also has a pet sitting service in Tampa, Florida called Belly Rubs Critter Sitters. She is also an extremely talented belly dancer, talented artist and very creative when it comes to building things.

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