Author: Kat Michels
Illustrator: A. Sutton
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Genre: Children’s Books / Literature & Fiction / Poetry / Stories In Verse
ISBN: 978-1494956295
Pages: 34
Price: $10.00 (Paperback) Kindle ($2.99)
Available at:

Book Review:

Kids go to school to learn their ABC’s, 123’s and oodles of other logical things. But there is more to learning than facts, figures and social skills. Children also need to be taught to have fun. They need to chase moon beams, stare up at the sky to admire the various shapes seen in the clouds and act like silly ducks having a merry splash in puddles after a good rain.

Ms. Michels has written an entertaining, story-laden book that is certain to open a child’s eyes to a world they may not have known existed. In the technologically fast paced world we now live in, it is easy to overlook those simple kid-like things many parents grew-up enjoying. Some examples of these old pleasures are outdoor games like ‘Mother May I’, riding bikes until sunset and blowing bubbles through straws in sodas until noses tickled from the carbonation. We were free to be goofy, zany kids. But, with computer games and social media, it appears many kids are unintentionally being robbed of such precious, merrymaking moments. Parents are quick to pass down family heirlooms, but what about passing down to our own kids the heirloom of silly, fun things we used to do as kids? Ms. Michel’s book, ‘Children Have Got to be Carefully Taught’ gently recalls those fond easy-going childhood memories of cartwheels, slurping soup, sled rides and more in this wonderful, refreshing book.

Anastasia Aryn Sutton’s artistic talent shines through with her lively illustrations in ‘Children Have Got to be Carefully Taught’. The hand-drawn, painted sketches fill the entire page and leave one with a desire to join in on the fun right along with the characters. The color schemes are both appealing and captivating to the eye. There is plenty of activity drawn on each page to hold a child’s short-attention span, while at the same time, encouraging them to turn the page and discover the next fun thing to try.

‘Children Have Got to be Carefully Taught’ is the type of book that should be handed down from one generation to the next. The greater technology grows, the less inclined children of the future may be taught to have fun. Ms. Michel’s book is full of enjoyable things that money simply cannot buy. It is the pot of gold at the end of a jolly rainbow.


Author Bio:
Kat Michels is an award-winning writer, including two regional Emmy awards and a TDMonthly Editor’s Choice Award. She is known for her passion in digging beyond the surface to unearth the hidden stories beneath, and is comfortable working in a variety of mediums. She has written two children’s books, two short-form documentaries, and she worked as a theater critic in the Los Angeles Metro area for over four years. Kat is also the author of the column Heroines of History for Business Heroine Magazine. These articles examine the deeds of great women in American history who received little to no recognition for their work.

Author Website:

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Illustrator Bio:
Anastasia Aryn Sutton is a Los Angeles based artist specializing in painting, photography, jewelry, sculpture, illustration and graphic design.  While residing in the Denver Metro area her work was showcased in galleries downtown and the Cherry Creek Arts district. She was a guest artist assisting DL Cooper on Communis (Thornton,CO), and Pioneer Figures at the California Trails Museum (Elko, Nevada).  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and considers herself to be a life-long lover of learning.

 Illustrator Website:


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