Author: Anders Roseberg
Illustrator: Danilo Parajes and Anders Roseberg
Publisher: Anders Roseberg Books
Genre: Children’s Books / Growing Up & Facts of Life / Family Life / Sleep
ISBN: 978-9574339679
Pages: 32
Price: $9.13 (Paperback) Kindle (Unlimited)
Available at:
Hardcover available at:


Book Review:
When one hears the word, “Sandman”, they often think of The Cordettes song, “Mr. Sandman”, a song about a girl wishing for the man of her dreams. But, Mr. Sandman is more than just a cupid. He is also a guide to a land of endless possibilities and sugary delights. Mr. Roseberg has brilliantly unveiled the secret adventures of the Sandman and what goes on when we sleep. Through the eyes of a young sleeping Priscilla, one is soon exposed to a land of custard cream moats, jelly bean raindrops and pancake trampolines.

‘Priscilla and the Sandman’ is a precious and entertaining story, based on Mr. Roseberg’s clever imagination and an experience he had while rocking his own baby daughter to sleep while singing. It is no secret that parents often have a challenging time getting their children to go to sleep. Mr. Roseberg is quick to demonstrate such is not the case while reading ‘Priscilla and the Sandman’.  By the turn of the last page, through the clever, engaging written verses, a child is certain to visit Mr. Sandman in his land of sugar-coated dreams, as they drift off to sleep.

Mr. Parajes, along with Mr. Roseberg give Willy Wonka a run for his chocolate factory money with their illustrations in ‘Priscilla and the Sandman’. The drawings are not only delicious, some are quite decadent, too. The popcorn, gummy bears and marshmallows almost tempt one to sample the page. But there is more to their sketches than the candy. Mr. Parajes and Mr. Roseberg manage to capture the adorable, innocent expressions of the book’s star, Priscilla, as she ventures from one scene to the next. Their talent and ability is showcased particularly on the last page, where one finds a lone picture of Priscilla with an expression of overwhelming joy upon waking from her nighttime adventure with Mr. Sandman.

‘Priscilla and the Sandman’ is the type of book that opens a child’s imagination, while at the same time making bedtime a more pleasurable invite for both child and parent. And while an apple a day may keep the doctor away, dreaming of sweets, versus actually eating them, is certain to keep the cavities away. Don’t be surprised, though, if the tooth fairy makes an appearance and leaves some quarters under the pillow. After all, kids still lose their teeth, sweets or not.

Author Bio:
Anders Roseberg has been an imaginative story teller since the days of his childhood, where he would make-up stories and imagine the wildest of things. When he isn’t writing children’s books, he dabbles in writing music lyrics and writing film scripts. He’s passionate about vintage memorabilia, rock ‘n roll music, and anything else coming out of the 1950’s. His first picture book, ‘Priscilla and the Sandman’, which was inspired by a made-up doo-wop lullaby he sang to his daughter Priscilla while he put her to sleep, has that magical, vintage flare. Although ‘Priscilla and the Sandman’ is Ander’s first self-published children’s book, he continues to devote his time and energy to write creative stories that will bring smiles and awe to the future readers of his books.

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