Authors: Ben Jackson and Sam
Illustrator: Danko Herrera
Publisher: Indie Publishing Group
Genre: Children’s Books / Growing Up & Facts of Life / Bugs & Spiders
ISBN: 978-1988656083
Pages: 32
Price: Paperback ($9.99) Kindle ($2.99) Hardcover ($18.94)
Available at: Amazon.com

Book Review:
If I Was a Caterpillar is the story of a little caterpillar who knows no limits on what he can accomplish in life. From being sophisticated enough to sip tea with Royalty, to metaphorically taunting the ‘fashion police’ by wearing different shoes for fun, to bouncing about in a kangaroo’s pouch, to soaring the open skies with an eagle, and so much more.

Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence once again do not disappoint in their latest children’s book, If I Was a Caterpillar. Although the story appears light and charming, do not underestimate the influential lessons weaved in the storyline for children to grasp. The power of positive thinking. The ability to achieve goals. The will and desire to be anything you want to be when you grow-up.

Danko Herrera’s illustration of the little caterpillar in If I Was a Caterpillar easily relates to young readers with its childlike innocence and appearance. He takes detail in creating a variety of joyful facial expressions to match the adventures taking place. This allows the young reader to vicariously enjoy the experiences, too.  The colors used are cheerful and aid in the illumination of the little caterpillar’s adventure with each turn of the page.

“If I Was a Caterpillar what would I do?” Simple.  I would curl up inside a cocoon and read the book, If I Was a Caterpillar until I blossomed into a beautiful butterfly.


Ben and Sam
Author Bio:
Ben and Sam currently live in Ontario, Canada. Ben was born in Tasmania, Australia, while Sam was born in Toronto, Canada. Between the two of them, they enjoy travelling frequently, and both have two children. With three boys and one girl, they both enjoy spending quality time with their families, reading books, playing games and exploring both Canada and Australia.

Author Website:
Amazon Author Page

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Illustrator Bio:
Danko Herrera, when not walking natural landscapes, works as an illustrator for various indie writers like Arnie Lightning and Jeff Rivera.  His work has been part of Saca la Bici, a bicycle organization in Mexico. He started illustrating for a short-tale collective in Querétaro (Mexico) called “cuentos para iluminar”, a fanzine containing short illustrated tales with a psychological approach. Danko is a contributor to Rockademix, a multimedia academic program based in California. As a visual artist, his work has been exhibited in Mexico, Denmark, and Argentina.

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